Monique Carole – Your Health & Fitness Coach
Here to help you Discover Your Power To Change!

No doubt if you’re reading this, it’s about time for you to prioritise you…right!?
You just need a little support, a cheerleader – someone on your side.

I am a dedicated conscientious Health & Fitness Coach – with a passion and mission to provide you the support you need to be the best you want to be!

Powered with the ability to help you become stronger, happier, healthier, more energised and bursting with confidence and courage.

Using a variety of powerful Holistic Health & Fitness techniques to get you real results.

As my client base includes a lot of people recovering from past injuries or physical challenges or ageing bodies – it was important for me to find a way to improve health and fitness without high impact – and keep it fun and motivating!

I would love to chat with you and see how we can help you live a vivacious rewarding life!


Some of the techniques and tools you may experience when we work together are:

  • Kinesiology Healing
  • Hypnotherapy / Hypno Counselling
  • Gastric Band for Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
  • Thai Yoga Massage Therapy
  • Pilates Fitness Training / Paddleboard Pilates / SUP Fitness
  • Qi Gong Remedial Exercises
  • Diet / Nutrition / Weight Management / Energy review
  • Genome Quantum Healing
  • Aromatherapy

After a complimentary Consultation to discover which areas of your life you wish to improve, we can evaluate which methods of Health & Fitness would suit you and your goals to find the right balance of body, mind and soul wellbeing for you.

Maybe it’s simply creating a new routine that incorporates healthy habits and a gentle exercise program, connecting body and mind to work together. Maybe working deeper into mindsets and reframing old patterns to create healthier and happier thinking patterns and actions – or even creating a more thorough life plan with regular wellness coaching and workouts to make a bolder, stronger, leaner, fitter you!

A typical fitness workout includes; a variety of exercises and stretches which can incorporate a fusion of: Pilates matwork, barre, weights, beat, ball & band exercises, SUP Fitness, Qi Gong as well as Thai Yoga massage & stretches – dependent upon your requirements and goals and any injuries.

Quality over Quantity: Each precise Pilates exercise is performed using abdominal control, rhythm and proper breathing patterns. The quality of each posture is more important than the number of repetitions or how energetically you can move. Exercises are performed either using your own body weight, or with the help of equipment, in low repetitions, over a session of 30 to 90 minutes.

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About Monique

I am a conscientious Health & Fitness Coach who loves what I do – and that’s helping people look & feel fantastic inside & out!
My clients describe me as friendly, professional, supportive, fun and down to earth.
Through my own wellness journey I have overcome various issues and injuries, through various activities and therapies such as; Pilates, Massage, Kinesiology & Hypnotherapy. After experiencing such positive results, I made it my mission to learn and share these powerful techniques with others that need it!

Over the many years I have become professionally trained and certified as:

  • Dip.C.Ht Hypnotherapist / Hypno-Counselling / Psychotherapist
  • Gastric Band for Weight Loss Hypnotherapist
  • Hypnotherapy for Meditation, Self-Development & Wellbeing
  • Kinesiologist Practitioner 
  • O.A.DIP Pilates Training Professional
  • Certified Studio Pilates International® Pilates Matwork Instructor
  • Certified Studio Pilates International® Pilates Ball, Band & Circle Instructor
  • Professionally trained under the Fitness Australia Accredited Program
  • StandUp Paddle Water Safety – Paddleboard Pilates
  • FloYo SUP Yoga / SUP Fitness Instructor
  • Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner
  • Healthy Aging & Lifetime Wellness Coaching
  • Genome Quantum Healing
  • Nutrition for Weight, Stress & Energy Management
  • Aromatherapy / Essential Wellness OIls
  • Business Management
  • Mental Health First Aid, General First Aid & CPR
  • Security Clearance Certification
  • Blue Card Certification