Specialising in Hypnotherapy for health

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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss:

Discover how easy it can be to reach your goals with relaxing Hypnosis with a Holistic approach to weight management.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy – Surgery Free!

6 or 12 week Holistic Hypno-Band Weight Loss program without surgery!
No Surgery, No difficult pre or post surgery, No risks, No rejections!
Save thousands on expensive uncomfortable surgery!
Simply a personalised holistic program to help you reach your goals with ease.

Discover Your Power To Change:

Powerful Hypnotherapy tools to improve your quality of life forever. Change your thought patterns, release and resolve past traumas or hurts, grief, guilt, sadness or depression with the power of hypnotherapy.

Eliminate Bad Habits & Addiction:

Find Your Freedom from Bad Habits and Replace with Healthier Habits and Routines.
You can easily stop smoking, over-drinking, over-eating, nail-biting, bed-wetting quickly and effortlessly with relaxing Hypnotherapy.

Turn Your Pain Into Pleasure:

Research proves that most pains and even illnesses stem from suppressed / repressed emotions of the past.
Learn to Realise, Release, Resolve and Evolve your Thoughts into Pleasurable Emotions with relaxing Hypnotherapy.

Turn Your Fear Into Freedom:
No more Fear of Flying, Doctors, Dentists, Insects, etc…

Don’t live in Fear any longer… Enjoy your life with courage, confidence and freedom!
Release yourself from life-stifling fears with relaxing Hypnosis.

Transform Your Life with Confident Social Skills & The Power of Love:

Change how to love you and your life… Enjoy fulfilling relationships and abundant joy through learning confidence and self-worth to live a life full of passion, contentment and LOVE.