PADDLEBOARD Pilates / SUP Yoga Fitness

‘The Ultimate Core Fitness & Balance Challenge’

SUPer FUN FITNESS ~ Enjoy an exhilarating ‘Workout On Water’ experience on the tranquil rivers of Southern Gold Coast, Queensland

Hire a paddle board or bring your own and join us for an hour of fun ‘SUP’ fitness – combining safe flat water river paddling and core-based Pilates moves – using both body and mind to keep you stable, strong and focused.

Feel the freedom of open space, nature & fresh air – while getting your vital daily dose of Vit D, Exercise, Fun & Laughter!

Suitable for anyone with confident water skills and a sense of adventure!

Meet at Tallebudgera Creek / Murlong Crescent. (location & exact time to be confirmed the day prior)
Weather dependant. 

Sessions Available :
– Personal Session = from $40 per hour
– Partner Session = $80 per hour
– Group sessions (please enquire for more info)
– Board Hire $25 per board if required

 Please contact Monique to book or for more info .

Paddle for Health: Research shows how beneficial multi-dimensional balance training and outdoor training is for young and old, and even those suffering through dis-ease associated with balance and gait issues.

Stand Up Paddleboarding is multi-dimensional as it involves many aspects – i.e.; standing on an unstable surface/balancing, using your arms to paddle and propel you forward, engaging your core, focusing on the horizon and/or surrounding nature.

Benefits of Vitamin D – Sunshine! According to other research studies – when the sun’s blue light wavelengths penetrate our skin and reach the fat cells just beneath, lipid droplets reduce in size and are released out of the cell. So our cells store less fat. Good news for winter workouts is that cold temperatures can encourage white body fat (the ones that store calories) to act more like brown fat (the good ones that generate heat by burning calories).

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