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Hello, I am Monique – a Dedicated Health & Fitness Coach

 Through my own journey I discovered powerful therapies to help keep my life on track,
and so it became my passion to learn & share these techniques
with others that need a helping hand & a cheerleader on their side!
I have trust that this Lifestyle Program will help you too!

Personal Lifestyle Program

Your Personalised Lifestyle Program will enable you to:
Keep motivated, energised, active, happy & healthy.
Live without tension, pain, unhealthy habits, anxiety or stress
Help reach your fitness goals with comfortable but challenging exercise routines.
Achieve successful weight management with mindful movement & nutritious eating.
Build healthy habits with encouraging mindset management for mind & body wellbeing.

Lifestyle 8 Week Program Option

Includes 2 hrs per week of Personal Coaching
Payment options: $149 per week direct debit ( 8 weeks) 
OR $529 x 2 payments (save $134)

Includes Personalised Wellness Plan & Phone Support
Personalised Plans may include: 

Location: Palm Beach or Mobile Service Available