Thai Yoga Massage Therapy


Thai Yoga MassageA fusion of the best of Yoga and Massage in this dynamic healing method combining assisted stretches, acupressure, energy work, and meditation.

The perfect wind-down to a fitness session or on its own, with sessions from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

Learn take-home techniques to nurture yourself and your loved ones, or bring your partner along to learn together.

The four foundations of Thai Yoga Massage are: awareness, body mechanics, movement, and massage techniques using hands, knees, feet, and elbows.

The Thai Yoga Massage sequence utilises yoga postures, passive stretching, acupressure, energy work, massage and meditation – to assist the clients in reducing tension, enhancing flexibility, experiencing deep relaxation and improving overall wellbeing.

Thai Yoga Massage is practiced fully clothed on a floor mat and is highly beneficial for both the client and the practitioner – a method rapidly gaining in popularity in the West for its therapeutic benefits and deep relaxation.

Being an ancient system of healing that has its roots in Ayurveda, yoga’s ‘sister science’ of healing. With an integrated approach that honours the traditions of Thai Massage and establishes its Indian Ayurvedic heritage – which aims to blend the strengths of both Eastern and Western approaches to healthy living. With special attention given to the effects of the massage on the skeletal, circulatory, muscular and nervous system.

A vital element in the practice of Thai Yoga Massage is to bring a spirit of Metta – with spiritual awareness generating natural healing powers and genuine peace and relaxation.

This form of massage with the assisted stretches is the perfect to complete a Pilates workout.


Treatment Options:

Thai Yoga Massage: $60 per hour. 60-90 minute sessions available

Massage & Pilates Package: $90.  Combine 45mins Pilates with 45mins Assisted Stretches & Massage