Client Testimonials

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I get amazing results from seeing Monique. Areas of my life that had been blocked (areas I thought were beyond repair) suddenly became open and incredibly supported. Her approach was gentle and caring yet very focused and precise. I am truly astonished by the positive impact and results Monique's unique skill has had on my life. I highly recommend her services. Thank you Monique.
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Thank you Monique for the wonderful Pilates session! The session was tailored to our specific needs to build up strength around an existing injury. We felt at ease and reassured and also got a great core workout!
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I recently experienced a very refreshing and uplifting wellness session with Monique. She is very caring and empathic and I instantly felt at ease. Thank you!
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The integration of Pilates on a Paddleboard was an excellent way to combine building core strength while focusing on balance in an incredibly fun way. Monique is an incredibly passionate instructor with positive energy and encouraging personality. The atmosphere was peaceful and beautiful. I highly recommend joining Monique in her Paddleboard Pilates session. This was a unique experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it very much. Thank you Monique!
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Monique is a very professional diligent instructor - making sure I activate the muscles in the correct sequences. and made me feel very comfortable - finishing a session with thai yoga massage /assisted stretching - was a bonus!
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I can honestly say this is the most personalized, advanced training I have ever had. Monique focuses on the areas of body that require specific exercise with a deep understanding of injuries, body dynamic and muscle work. I see amazing effects as my general fitness level and flexibility improves with these powerful Pilates exercises. Plus the yoga massage relaxed not only muscles but my busy mind - an absolute must-have for every busy professional!
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We look forward to our weekly Fitness Class with Monique. With her reliable, good-natured, patient, professional competence we are safely guided to practise suitable forms of movement to gentle motivating music to improve our flexibility, strength, mobility, balance, co-ordination and good spirits! Very Grateful - Thank yo
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I have so much more energy! Working with Monique has been one of the best experiences I've had in terms of fitness and wellness. I hate going to the gym but I truly look forward to every session with her. She is warm and leads in such an encouraging and contagious way - you can't help but want to keep it up. Highly recommend her personalised services.