‘Holistic Fitness’

Workout Smarter – Not Harder’ with ‘PILATES’ the total body fitness system. Designed to safely condition both body and mind to maximise the precision of muscle control, strength and flexibility in a balanced sequence – focusing on quality of movement rather than quantity – creating body awareness, stamina and coordination.

‘Pilates’ works primarily on strengthening your core abdominal muscles (your powerhouse). Which supports your posture, eliminates back and structural pain, and is the foundation for the rest of your body to work correctly. To work smarter, not harder – to sculpt a strong lean body, to strengthen & lengthen, improve stability, flexibility, mobility, balance & posture. Working to restore and re-train the body to optimum skeletal and muscular function – with mind and body connection.

Energising workouts are designed to strengthen, elongate and restore the body’s balance; creating confidence, strong core with toned abs, and the tools to help keep weight off for the rest of your life!

We specialise in Pilates floor, band, circle, ball, weights and BEAT Pilates method – offering classes such as:

> Beginners Pilates: classes to teach the important powerful basics with gentle post-workout Yoga Massage stretching and relaxation.

> Power Pilates: classes using more power equipment and incorporating ‘Beat Pilates’ moves and grooves.

> Progressive Pilates: 90 minute class which starts with basic Core Activation exercises – progressing through to Intermediate and Advanced exercises.

> Partner Pilates & Yoga Massage:  Studio or mobile service to cater for you and your partner together and to learn how to nurture each other to strengthen, stretch and relax.

> Paddleboard Pilates / SUP Fitness sessions: Powerful core fitness & fun balance challenge! Combining easy flat river paddling and Pilates exercises on the board in shallow water. Personal or small group.

> FloYo SUP Fitness & FloYo SUP Yoga classes using the FloYo accredited formula.

> Aqua Pilates: Pilates based exercises performed in a heated hydro pool or the beautiful fresh river. Personal or small group.

Pilates workouts can be done anywhere, anytime and can be modified to suit your needs. Making Pilates part of your daily routine is easily done – no matter what stage you’re at in your life. Using specific Pilates techniques & equipment enables you to workout even if you have injuries, weaknesses or even pregnancy.

Holistic Fitness routines are based on a powerful fusion of Pilates matwork, barre, ball, band & circle exercises, Qi Gong and Core Yoga movements with the added benefit of post-workout Yoga Massage stretching & relaxation – all personalised for you!

Service Rates:

Pilates Group Personal Training
Mobile Service : Broadbeach to Tweed

Get a group together and share the cost ($60 per hour)

Concession Card:  5 weekly sessions only $250
for example:  Group of 5  = $10 each

Pilates & Yoga Massage Fusion = $90 (90 mins)
Personal or Partner sessions
Concession Card: 5 weekly sessions only $75 per 90 mins


‘Pilates Fitness’ benefits include:

> Improved flexibility, posture, circulation, spine stability, physical coordination & body balance

> Increased muscle strength & tone particularly the core muscles; abdominals, lower back, hips & gluteal muscles.

> Effective tool for weight management

> Lengthens & stretches all major muscle groups> Safe rehabilitation of joint & spinal injuries & prevention of musculoskeletal injuries

> Increased lung capacity & circulation through deep breathing

> Help perform life’s daily activities with passion & agility

> Improved concentration & focus by keeping the brain active

> Stress management & relaxation

> Reduce risk of dis-ease in the body

> Enhanced mind body & spirit awareness, balance & harmony

> Reduce the effects of stress, anxiety or sadness – through the implementation of its central principles which include breathing techniques, body awareness and connection, concentration, mindfulness, balance, harmony and relaxation.

Eliminate Pain with Pilates: The foundation of Pilates exercise is the Core strength with the deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back are known as the core muscles. These muscles are trained in Pilates to be strong and efficient in doing their job. As a result they work in harmony with the superficial muscles of the trunk in order to support the spine and its movement. As the core strength is developed, so is the stability throughout the entire torso.  If the trunk is properly stabilised, then the pressure on the back is relieved thereby resulting in free and efficient movement of the body.

Pilates is differentiated from other forms of exercise by this holistic approach. Many therapists such as chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and general practitioners endorse Pilates as one of the best and safest methods of exercise today. Exercises can be low to moderate intensity depending on your requirements. Therefore the majority of Pilates exercises are suitable for all body types and issues (or can be modified to suit), and assists in gentle correction to all postural problems. Muscles are never worked to exhaustion – no straining!

‘Joseph Pilates’ developed the exercise system during WW1 for rehabilitation and strengthening. He introduced Pilates into America to help injured athletes and dancers safely return to exercise and maintain their fitness. He originally referred to this exercise system as ‘contrology’. He discovered that people who practice Pilates feel they have better posture and balance, are less prone to injury, and experience better overall health. When he developed this concept he was labelled a genius! Referring to Pilates, he once said; in 10 sessions you’ll feel better, in 20 sessions you’ll look better and in 30 sessions you’ll have a better body! With the concentrated effort you put in, the release, activation, strengthening, improved ranges of movement and control that the mind and body achieves with this Pilates method, will be well and truly obvious… long before 30 sessions!

Monique Carole Holistic Fitness routines are from 60-90 minutes and based on a powerful fusion of Pilates matwork, barre, ball, band & circle exercises, Qi Gong and Core Yoga movements with the added benefit of post-workout Yoga Massage stretching & relaxation – all personalised for you!

The following prime Pilates principles are important elements in conducting high quality effective workouts safely without strain or pain – making this the ideal complete body workout for all ages and all stages!

Prime Principles of Pilates:

  1. Concentration
  2. Centring
  3. Breathing
  4. Control
  5. Precision & Isolation
  6. Flowing Movement
  7. Stamina
  8. Routine
  9. Relaxation

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Breathing is the life force and centre of Pilates, which promotes focus, oxygenates the blood, improves circulation, and encourages relaxation.

Retrain your Body & Brain: Pilates encourages the brain to reprogram the way it holds the body, breaking old patterns of postural behaviour and creating new, healthy patterns. The term ‘neuromuscular re-education’ describes this process of re-educating both the mind and the body to adopt a new, healthy posture. Exercise increases levels of a critical protein called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). BDNF supports existing brain cells/or neurons, and encourages growth of new ones, improving cognitive functions, connections & blood flow. This support can greatly increase memory power to retain information, help perform daily mental tasks with ease, ease any depression and reduce risk of diseases such as Parkinsons or Dementia.

Enjoy Improved Overall Health & Wellbeing:… Enjoy increased energy levels and the benefits of healthy muscles, bones, and joints, as well as burning off calories to lower your body fat percentage and increase muscle tone and strength.

This resistance training increases bone density, which is especially important to older adults who are susceptible to osteoporosis. You can look forward to increased longevity and decreasing chances of developing any dis-ease within the body, including coronary issues, diabetes, obesity, cancer or high blood pressure.

Of course what you put into your body also counts towards your overall health and well-being and as you start feeling and seeing the results, you will be motivated to move more and respect your body and what you put into it!

More Muscle Tone = More Calories Burned – Pilates can help to build and maintain lean muscle tone – helping to realign posture as the body’s centre of gravity changes, and promoting long elegant balanced posture and graceful flowing movement.

Pilates is the ideal body toning regimen – focusing on the major ‘prime mover’ muscle groups, with slow, intentional movements.  Many people are successful losing weight with Pilates because they become much more aware of their bodies and in turn treat them with respect and make better food choices and have an increased enthusiasm and enjoyment of exercise and movement.

Pilates lengthens and stretches all your most important ‘prime mover’ muscles in a balanced fashion, to strengthen and support you through your daily life. The muscles that play the primary role in moving a body part are formally known as ‘agonist muscles’ and are often referred to as ‘prime movers’. These major muscles include the; abdominals, chest/pectorals, shoulder/deltoid, back/latissimus dorsi, buttocks/gluteals, thighs/quadriceps & hamstrings.

Concentration and Mindfulness help keep distracting and possibly stressful thoughts at bay. With the emphasis of precision in movement through breathing, concentration and mindfulness – you will experience improved movement, clarity and execution, improved confidence, body awareness, a positive sense of wellbeing and enhanced creativity.

Body Awareness – Awareness heightens a conscious communication between body and mind and allows for strong self-perception and self-management of what is and is not productive for the body both physically and emotionally, hence reducing stress, anxiety and tenseness. The visualization used in Pilates imagery helps to calm the mind and encourage concentration providing better movement and proprioception.

Relaxation:  This unique system of exercise was designed to release stress and tension held in the body, and allows its practitioners to relax yet exercise at the same time, meaning you are able to complete a full workout yet feel refreshed and energised.

‘Working Smarter – Not Harder’

PILATES – The perfect exercise for the whole body’ (and any body)!

Getting physical has many many more benefits….

> Exercise pumps up the endorphins = Live Happier & Live Longer

> Increases vital BDNF proteins = improve brain function to boost memory & reduce risk of disease

> Improved quality & quantity of sleep, concentration & focus.

> Reduces chances of high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, PMT symptoms, fatigue

> Metabolism and anti-inflammatory benefits

> Strengthens bones & protects tendons = for greater bone density and guard against painful tendon disease.