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Love and nurture yourself with an autumn cleanse


Autumn is a great time to Let Go & Make Way for New Beginnings – with many natural cycles of our life occurring and energy shifts surrounding us. 

Autumn brings about shedding of negative energy, and corresponds to the lungs which release carbon dioxide, and the large intestines which release food wastes – relating to the fact that the energy of both these organs is ‘letting go’.

Here are some simple effective ways to nurture yourself during this seasonal change:

  • Recognise what no longer serves you good and let go of frustrations and fears to shift the energy from dull to dynamic.
  • Nurture yourself and do what brings you pleasure!
  • Breathe in Love and Exhale out that negative stagnant energy and fears holding you back from living a rewarding vivacious life! 
  • Shed the clutter – mind clatter and body matter – Detox the house as well as the body and mind!
  • Eliminate toxins with the morning ‘Oil Pulling’ regime. (see below for more info)
  • Celebrate what you and your loved ones have achieved, created and succeeded in.
  • To eliminate elimination problems like chronic constipation which can be a problem at this time of year – try taking Magnesium Citrate before bed.
  • To improve digestion issues – keep hydrated and try a gentle cleanse (a drop of Lemon essential oil in water,  a nip of apple cider vinegar or Aloe Gel upon waking before breakfast every morning).
  • Probiotic foods can be effective in bringing gut flora back into balance and strengthens the immune system or try Aloe Vera Gel for fast effective digestive rehabilitation.
  • Boost the immune system and avoid excessive dryness in the lungs and colon to avoid colds and ‘flu. Increase vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants and zinc. (Also try Doterra’s OnGuard essential oil to boost immunity to protect yourself from bacteria and flu germs).
  • Keep your body alkaline balanced – Book in a pH test to check your body’s acidity/alkaline levels. Acidosis can cause severe illnesses. If your saliva pH test shows high acidity you need to reduce intake of acidic foods and incorporate alkaline foods in your diet. (See below a list of good alkaline foods to enjoy and high acid foods to avoid)
  • Get your daily dose of sunshine (Vitamin D) – to enhance immune system activity, keep Seasonal Affective Disorder at bay, and to regulate levels of calcium and phosphorus in the body to improve bone health. 
  • You will be rewarded for getting up for a sunrise walk, in the fresh air and nature.
  • Make time to connect with your loved ones with quality time, intimacy, love and laughter!
  • Make time for yourself for self-love and gratitude, indulgent body treatments and YOU TIME – doing what you enjoy!
  • Learn relaxing breathing techniques to use to decrease stress, relax, improve sleep, exercise ability and sport performance. 
  • Keep up a healthy balance of exercise, water, sunshine, fun, intimacy, and rest with quality sleep regimes. (see below tips on getting quality time in between the sheets).

Look & Feel Better with these top tips:

If you want to look great and feel fabulous and maybe shed some jiggly bits, then make sure you are getting your daily dose of water, rest and quality sleep, fresh air, sunshine, fun and laughter, exercise, and good wholefoods with a colourful array of fresh alkaline and potassium rich foods to nurture and fuel your body, mind and soul.

Body Balance: Alkaline Vs Acidic
Making sure your pH levels is vital for prolonged health
– as deadly diseases cannot live in a healthy Alkaline Body.
If your level is about 7 your own track, if its much lower, avoid High Acidic Foods. If its much higher, keep High Alkaline Foods to moderation.High Alkaline Foods: Enjoy…  request the list
High Acidic Foods: Avoid…   request the list

Check if your Body is in Balance – Book in a saliva pH test with me – 0416 066 310

Daily Dose of Potassium:
 A good Potassium rich diet is a powerful weapon against fluid retention and cellulite fatty deposits in the body, high blood pressure and risk of strokes, cramps and osteoporosis. Sodium brings nutrients into your cells where potassium helps flush excess waste out of your cells.  Therefore reducing sodium intake and increasing potassium rich foods in your diet, can reduce the appearance of cellulite and help eliminate fluid retention. Decrease muscle cramping and improve muscle strength by consuming potassium rich foods before and after exercise. Studies show that a diet high in potassium and low sodium foods can also help lower blood pressure (hypertension), reduce the risk of strokes, and increase bone density. 
High potassium rich foods: Avocados, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Dried Apricots, Coconut Water, Kefir, Yoghurt, White Beans, Mushrooms, Bananas.

Daily Dose of Quality Sleep: While we sleep our muscles actually grow and become stronger, with the body going through its major healing process between 10pm and 2am, so having a consistent bedtime routine, aiming for between 7-9 hours is one of the most important things we can do to improve the quality of our lives on a daily basis – to be healthier, happier, stronger, sharper, fitter, and be pain-free. Sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining optimal metabolism, supporting normal endocrine function and regulating appetite for ideal weight management. Lack of sleep can significant effect on our bodies; increasing the stress hormone ‘cortisol’, which influences the body composition, by inhibiting the processing of amino acids, obstructing growth hormone release, altering proper regulation of blood sugar levels – making it increasingly difficult to keep a balanced healthy dietary intake, and therefore sabotaging any weight loss efforts. It also increases the secretion of ghrelin ‘the hunger hormone’, which regulates satiety and satisfaction factor we get from food, leading to increased calorie intake to try and regulate our energy levels, that are depleted from sleep deprivation – which can also lead to decreased cognitive function, strength, power, workout and cardiovascular performance.

To help get more quality sleep try; Lavender essential oils, breathing relaxation or meditation.