The Healy Frequency Therapy Service & Product Page

The Healy Frequency Therapy Service
& Product Page

Welcome to the wonderful world of the ‘Healy’ – a Microcurrent Medical Wearable Device – scientifically developed to balance & strengthen the BioEnergetic field. 

The Healy was developed by scientists to provide Resonance Frequencies to support energetic balance of the body & enhance recovery, vitality & wellbeing. 

Intended for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders and to support the treatment of mental illness such as depression & anxiety.


The ‘Healy’ is FDA approved medical device in Australia and Certified as a Medical Device in Germany based on the professional ‘Timewaver’ medical device. 

The Quantum Sensor technology can analyse imbalances in our physical, mental, emotional and energetic fields and recommend programs and frequencies to bring them back into balance.


Frequencies = Information = Matter

The Healy Therapy Service & Product Page is here to help people improve their wellbeing;- offering BioEnergetic Frequency based therapy sessions and providing an opportunity to purchase a personal device to use anywhere anytime.

For more info please watch this short video and message us!

Our vision is to help others improve their quality of life in all aspects – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even financially – pretty much whatever you need in life – The Healy technology can help you energetically align with your goals and desires! 

Frequency Therapy Sessions &
personal Healy Devices available!


Microcurrent Frequency is a powerful holistic healing therapy.
With the ability to analysis a client’s wellbeing, and any physical or emotional imbalances being able to be balanced to improve overall wellbeing, and promote the body’s self-healing abilities.


We welcome you to message us for more info on purchasing the product or to book a treatment session.

We look forward to helping you !