'Turn Pain into Pleasure' with Holistic Wellness

Finding Total Body Mind & Soul Happiness – can be as easy as finding the right balance of Healthy habits & Fitness routines for you!

How do you do that?.. Well it helps to take a step back to look at yourself in all aspects; posture, alignment, skin, hair, chemical usage, body tone & shape, diet, routines, peace of mind, moods, etc. not with ridicule or judgement, but looking at how to turn anything we dislike or fear into self-love, empowerment and joy, without pain or suffering.

With so many people feeling overwhelmed with workload and family, no energy and no time to nurture self –  it is important that we look at the whole body mind & soul – holistically.

Self-love and self-nurturing is of utmost importance – so start learning to look after yourself and then you can look after the rest of your world with more love in a positive blissful way!

Shine Brightly​

As beauty shines primarily from the inside, we need to look at what we put into our bodies, and also how we think or the thoughts we have, and work out how we can improve these things – so that our bodies work at their optimal capacity to be the best we can be, feel fabulous and glow with natural beauty.

Fuel Your Body

We need to take everything into constructive consideration and through specialised simple checks find any imbalances in the body, and modify where need be. Sometimes it only takes a few dietary tweaks, and the right timing of when we eat specific foods. Depending on our body statistics, issues and goals; whether you need to lose weight, increase muscle, increase energy levels, balance insulin / hormone levels, or put on weight in a healthy supportive way.  It is important to have Nutrient dense foods. and eat for energy not weight loss. (like having protein post-workout to build muscle or protein for breakfast to give the body it’s vital fuel needed to sustain the day, and choosing clean whole foods.

Alkanise & Fight Disease

For us to enjoy optimum health and wellbeing, and fight off deadly diseases, we need to ensure the correct balance of our body’s pH levels (measure of how acidic or alkaline our body is) – by maintaining a slightly more alkaline level or normal acid-base balance. The balance can be thrown by having an excess of acidifying foods, metabolic disorders or disease conditions. To regain the balance we should reduce the intake of acidifying foods like meat, refined grains, artificial sweeteners, sodas, cheese, coffee, etc, and increase more alkalizing foods in the diet, such as; green leafy vegetables & cruciferous vegetables – which also have the cancer fighting isothiocyanates (cancer cannot survive in a healthy alkaline-based body).

Balance, Hydrate & Cleanse

With pre-breakfast rituals like, drinking warm lemon water, natural alkaline water, apple cider vinegar, aloe gel drink – are all good hydrating body cleansers and balances. Alkaline herbal water can be prepared by infusing cucumber and lemon slices in distilled water.

Eliminate Stress

As stress can be the biggest creator of dis-ease in the body, we need to find the right balance of stress releases, so we can blissfully live everyday with pleasure not guilt! Relying heavily on stimulants, medication, no breakfast or bad sustainable eating habits, and feeling the need to wind down with too many wines in the evening – can take its toll on our body and mind, creating a vicious cycle that causes more stress and discomfort – which can lead to serious dis-ease. To reduce stress, take a nature or beach walk, do some relaxation, meditation or exercise, use essential oils or get an aromatherapy massage. But if you really need that glass of wine or cold beer to chill you out – just remember moderation and balance is the key.

Workout Smarter – Not Harder​

To help improve our rest time, energy levels, mobility, longevity and lifestyle – it is paramount to create an effective easy exercise routine that fits in around family and work. The best way to keep up our strength and age vivaciously and gracefully without enduring aging exercises like hardcore running, is to do short bursts / 10-30 mins of movement several times a day.  Functional movement patterns that use the biggest prime mover muscles to strengthen core & pelvic girdle, like Pilates exercises. Creating a motivating fun fitness routine that you enjoy and rewards you with post-workout feel good vibes, will make you feel more and more eager to get out and just do it!

Get Active Outdoors

‘Green Exercise’ gives us a great feel-alive fix – enticing us to get active everyday, to recharge our body systems and feel energised – so we can conquer each day with enthusiasm and passion not pain! One of my passions is getting people out on a beautiful calm river for a Paddleboard Pilates experience – the perfect way to get our daily dose of Vit D sunshine, nature, fresh air, exercise, and fun & laughter with our friends & loved ones!

Exercise for Pleasure not Pain

Exercise is a natural painkiller because it releases these feel-good pleasure hormones – called endorphins! YES exercise can be the perfect way to naturally alleviate pain and stress within the body. Promote the release of endorphins with invigorating blood pumping exercise. These “pleasure hormones” are some of the strongest natural painkillers, binding to opioid receptors in the brain to inhibit our perception of pain – with only feel good effects – it’s a win-win! Choose from the many enjoyable endorphin-releasing exercises or sport, that works around your pain and routines. As Pilates has many remedial. strengthening and supportive effects on the body, and it focuses on quality over quantity – it’s an obvious choice – as is working out in water, if you have any impact-related injuries. Try a combination of the two and try Aqua Pilates – ask me how

Relax & Rejuvenate

Most of us realise that Massage is a proven treatment for stress and pain – as it helps to boost levels of both endorphins and serotonin – two of the body’s leading pain relievers and mood regulators. Proven effective for back pain, osteoarthritis, foot pain, leg pain, neck pain, tension headaches and other aches – as well as inhibiting inflammation – the main cause of pain.  Get together with a loved one and learn how to nurture and relax each other in times of pain and stress. I love to teach Partner Yoga Massage as a wonderful form of relaxation and stretching therapy – and a pleasurable way to nurture and reconnect with your loved ones.

More PLEASURE time!...

Focus more on our Passions, Playtime, Intimacy or Connection with loved ones. Get out and muck about with the kids, try something or go somewhere new & exciting, challenge yourself and your brain. As we age, we need to keep both our body and mind active as possible. If we don’t use it.. We lose it!

Vitality and Sleep

To increase vitality and slow down the aging process, we also need 7 hours of quality sleep per night – preferable during the prime healing hours of 10-2am. If sleep deprives you, then you could try relaxing breathing meditation, and the use of essential oils. Switch-off from electronics well before bedtime, and create a harmonious ambience in your bedroom. After all this is your pleasure dome not your workroom!

Detoxify Your Life

To help reduce toxins in our lives and premature aging, we can look at any medications we take and ask an expert if there is a natural
alternative. Chronic pain sufferers may reach for stronger medications, and highly anxious people may choose sleeping pills just to wind down, for instance, but these often come with dangerous side effects that accumulate the more we take them, and can cause lifelong addictions and more trouble. These days, it is easy to replace all toxic household and personal products with natural products. For instance, to reduce pain and inflammation naturally, try and incorporate powerful inflammatory foods into your diet, such as the blend of turmeric & black pepper, or sprinkle ground up avocado seeds onto your meals. We can also choose to see Holistic Therapists for low-impact therapies with whole body benefits, instead of bone crunching methods.

Discover the Powers of Pure Essential Oils

Another naturally therapeutic way to reduce toxins and manage everyday aches, pains, stresses, moods and everyday issues – is utilising the power of pure essential oils. Pure therapeutic grade oils are highly concentrated plant oils, which many of our modern medicines are actually derived from – without the added chemical content. Depending on the issue and the type of oil, with good advice, they can be applied directly to pressure points, used in massage combined with a base oil, some taken internally for medicinal purposes, used as a spritzer mixed with water, diffused into the air, and used in cooking to enhance flavours and medicinal aspects. It is important to buy essential oils that are pure therapeutic grade, skillfully and meticulously grown, harvested and distilled.

Healthy Mind for Happy Body & Soul

Maintaining a positive mindset is critical for living a passionate joyful life. An effective tool for overall wellness is ‘holistic energy healing’. Kinesiology is a relaxing but very powerful healing tool for any age and pretty much every issue. It enables us to (what I refer to as)  ‘Realise = Release = Resolve = Evolve’. Sometimes it just takes a subtle correction within our body system to resolve an imbedded issue or emotion, release pan and stress, or focus on goals and challenges, to move forward with reignited passion and love.

Above all for Total Mind Body Soul Happiness – learn to love yourself and nurture yourself daily, feel thankful for all that we have.. And all that we can have!

Don’t have to suffer any longer  !  Turn Your Pain Into Pleasure  !


Just ask me – as your Holistic Wellness Expert what your next best step is to living a happy and healthy vivacious life full of love, passion and pleasure.